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How do i stop this lusting?

It is my biggest sin. Its like freaking overwhelming every day....I cant watch a show or anything because I lust over at least one character (always the weird skinny guy...) but whatever. I end up lusting so much and imagining and fantasizing, and its ridiculous. Then today I made the stupid mistake of watching that magic Mike but really, and I have a purity ring I'm very faithful to, so I cant just go have Desmond. Also, its not like "pleasure" I want. Its simply the feeling if being with another person that I want. Its kinda hard to explain please help.


Not go out and have Desmond I meant correct seemed to find a way to change word sex to Desmond.

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    Watch your breath and your thoughts will seize one be one slowly.

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    Its hard to fight human desire. It's your biological desire to seek a genetically suitable male for reproduction. If you are starving, I could toss you a saltine cracker, and you would think its the most delicious food you've ever tasted. If you don't find an alternative means of satisfying that craving, you may be overtaken by it.

    I personally had to do a lot push ups, whenever I had a dirty thought. You'd be surprised how you can psychologically trick yourself into relating sinful thought with grueling physical pain. But I'm sure there are better ways.

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    You can't help that, it's normal lust and attraction. Just don't worry about it. You can't really control your thoughts. I am the same way.. It gets annoying sometimes but if you try to stop the lusting it makes it worse!

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