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How can I get my dad to stop drinking?

He drinks a lot of wine and beer. Me and my mother asked him to stop this summer and he got to the bottle within two weeks. He gets drunk almost every day now. He doesn't get violent, just hurtful and sometimes acts like he's not there. He's a different person when he drinks. He'll usually drink a bit with dinner and then drink more in the kitchen without telling us and gets waisted. If anyone mentions it to him, he pauses a few seconds and tries to avoid the question as to if he drank extra or not. Always is the answer yes but then he gets passive aggressive and irritated.

My mother feels the same way as I do.

He is happy with us when he's not drunk and we don't insult him for being drunk.

He says he only drinks when he's having fun (watching TV, movie, playing a game, or whatever!).

Leaving him is not an option for three reasons: We still love him when he's not wasted, he's the only one with a job and he's the only one that can help me through college (I'm 14).

Please don't suggest religion or AA, we're all atheists. He was once a catholic but then slowly lost faith. (NOTE: Neither me or my mom did it he became an atheist before he even met my mother).


Yes, I am a brat because he verbally abuses me and my mother. That's great.

Update 2:

I said he gets drunk every day.

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    This same question has been asked 8 times in the past hour, by yourself and some other account holders called Estum and Estyet.

    This is either a trolling question designed to waste our time, or you don't know how to use this site. Ask one question, give it at least one hour, then you can select a Best Answer. Or if there aren't any good answers by then, repeat your question. But if you post the same question eight times in one hour, you will be avoided by those who have noticed this.

    To answer your question, if you rule out religion or the AA because you are all atheists, you are clearly on the wrong site. This is Religion & Spirituality. You will never get the answer you want on here.

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    Tolerate his behaviour. Eventually he will hurt someone and this may send him either to prison or a rehab centre. Talk to someone in authority about your father's problem.

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    You won't like this either but he is an alcoholic. You are 14 and his drinking will lose him his job long before you even get to college. You know this or you would not have said about the AA. They have support groups' for family members'. You and your mum should go to one and learn about your best options'. Your father will be a drunk until he ruins' his liver, dies' or gets' help. And it sounds' like he does' not want the last one.

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    you can change his mind if you show him the way to god. or pray and then show him good.

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    why should he quit if it doesn't affect the way he lives? because some sanctimonious little brat thinks he should tell adults how to live? Leave him alone.

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    Stop deleting the question and you would have some answers!!!

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