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Loner at fashion show rehearsals, should I quit?

So my school is doing this charity fashion show and I got asked to model in it. I was really excited but I got to the rehearsal and I was the ONLY sophomore there. All of the other girls are seniors and they hang out with their groups and gossip the whole time. The rehearsals are 3 hours long and there are 3 next week and 2 the week after before the actual fashion show. During the breaks I sit by myself and when we practice our walks all the seniors were judging me and gossiping about me. I'm so used to being surrounded by friends it seems horrible just being so out of place for 3 hours, I don't even know if I want to do the show anymore. Should I quit?

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    Being different is not a crime. I had a great time in high school—but even then I understood that the world is so much more than those four years. Do whatever makes you comfortable.

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