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I have a yellow "burst fire" around my pupils?

It is not any kind of disease I was born this way, my grandmother (from my mother's side) my mother and my sister all also have this and were also born with it. We all have blue eyes but around our pupil is what I can only call a burst fire of yellow. Our eyes all look like the pupil burst out with yellow and fades into our blue eyes. My other two brothers have my dads brown eyes and do not have this yellow in their eyes. I did some research and all I came up with was jaundice, which is not the case because the yellow does not effect the whites of our eyes, only the iris. I am wondering if anyone else's eyes are like this or why our eyes are like this. I have also read that way back when people were hung as witches and warlocks because they had this yellow "burst fire" in their eyes and it was a mark of Satan. I am trying to find out if there is any validity to that claim.


If I didn't know better I would say this picture is my eye, thanks for the link! still interested to see if anyone can verify the "mark of satan" info.


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    Ooh, your eyes are like mine! Or... at least how mine used to be.

    Over time the outer edges of the yellow blended with the blue, so now my eyes go from blue on the outside, green around the middle, with the yellow burst in the center.

    And there is also some light brown in the center of the yellow now.

    It's called "central heterochromia" ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heterochromia#Central... ).

    I found the Wikipedia article one day while looking at the Husky dog page on there.

    You know how some Husky dogs have one blue eye and one brown eye? That's complete heterochromia!

    ... I love reading random things on Wikipedia, haha.

    I haden't heard of that, but I suppose it very well could've been possible...

    They used to love hanging/burning people for "being witches/warlocks".

    They would kill you with little to no actual evidence that you practiced witchcraft. They were practically just discriminating against people who were a little more unique than the rest.

    They used to also kill redheads because they suspected they were witches... or werewolves... or vampires...

    Hope I helped! :D

    Source(s): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heterochromia#Central... Wikipedia article hopping has lead me to some interesting (and sometimes scary!) facts. :)
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    Yellow Pupils

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