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Did he break my hymen?

I was fingered for the first time today and it was soooo painful. He only put one finger in too. Like he kept having to put it in really slowly and it hurt so bad. There was no blood though, and we managed to work me up in size from his pinky finger to his middle finger.


also i realized I had a few stray hairs near my nipples and I forgot to pluck them so im feeling really embarassed right now. like they're kinda long.... i think he noticed. so embarassed. also I was mostly shaved down there and just didnt shave but rather trimmed right around my lips. is that alright? I was just in such a rush in the morning and he came by right ater I finished my classes so I didnt have time to do much... but it should be alright, right? I mean he said he definitely wanted to do it again and he had a pretty hairy back...

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    It's unlikely to be your hymen.

    Your hymen doesn't 'break' - it stretches or tears partly or fully - the hymen doesn't cover much of your vaginal opening and is flexible so as long as he wasn't rough the hymen wouldn't have likely been torn from fingering. The most likely cause of the pain was lack of arousal or if you were tense - in a relaxed state the vaginal walls are closed in on themselves, when aroused the vaginal muscles relax, the vagina opens, lubricates and increases in size...but if you are tense the vaginal muscles tense causing the vaginal opening to clench shut, thus any penetration is forced, causing pain.

    Next time try masturbation first - either you or him stimulating your clitoris - then after you climax try vaginal penetration, starting with his little finger and being sure you relax - if it hurts then you should stop. Not only is pain not pleasurable but it is a sign that something is wrong, continuing can cause damage and could end-up making you scared of any sort of vaginal penetration so make the problem worse.

    My Corona: The Anatomy Formerly Known as the Hymen & the Myths That Surround It -

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    The first time I was fingered it was like that. He couldn't even find the hole haha no he didn't break your hymen. There would be blood. Don't listen to the boys who comment about this they don't know anything. This may sound wierd but if you try like.. Sucking his finger and putting his hand down there it'll make it wetter, it won't hurt as bad and it'll feel better. Don't straight slobber on it, but if your having trouble getting wet try that! I don't mean to creep you out

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    well if your a virgin an he fingured you if you bleed alil bit its possible he could of broke it but i wouldnt rush anything stay a virgin guys are dogs wait n learn what love is good luck hun

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    It could be. Give a break to your sex for a week. Then you may do it. If there is still pain lubricate your vagina wiyh butter.

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  • Anonymous
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    Oh snap, congrats! He'll never call you again...

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