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Will these crashes i get with generic adderall get better or stay the same?

I hate it because i have to distract myself from the low feeling. I cant focus on anything. I think this actually makes it harder to concentrate in a way. When i feel depressive i do t want to think about anything i cant handle things like i can when im feeling fine. What do i do?? Btw im recovering from depressive episodes(real depression nit a crash).. Im drinking vitamin b smoothies but it only seems to have a slight effect. I used to take regular adderall but its way too expensive for me now. Help?

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    This happened to me when I was on generic Effexor and the pharmacist argued with me, took a moth of being on Effexor to be OK again. My daughter who is on support was made to feel like sh*t because she said no to the generic brand because she was on a benefit and when she explained what happened to me they all but accused her of lying. There must be away around it even if it means going to a higher dose of the generic but let your doctor know of your circumstances before its too late the ground and the streets are full of people who need help and don't get it in time!

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