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Exercise and diet question helppp?

So i started a diet and exercise regime about 9 days ago and i lost 8pounds since then . Eating healthy and doing ab and cardio workouts at home every night before bed .. i recently started running yesturday for about 45 minutes but im so out of shape that i ran half a mile walk for a bit nd start again nd then i do some running up and down stairs 3 sets... but i cheated this morning at 230 am .. i had a bagel with cream cheese and a couple of light crackers ..i feel bad but then i dont bc im gonna work it off in the am .. like bumping up my running and cardio and run another mile in the afternoon .ii currently weight 150 im down to 69kg im 5'5 nd 18 i started at 158 .. im trying to weight 130 by january nd get a nice abdomin light 4 pack nd hip bones .. is it ok for me to have a cheat day once every 2 weeks? Of course not at night .. i just had a little depression nd it got the better of me but im so proud that i lasted this long to binge, rather feed my craving :/ i was too hungry kus last thing i ate was a chicken salad at 4 .. tht was my dinner nd i took a nap til 10 nd now im up waiting for it to be early so i can run.. but i wanted to know if there are any suggestions or recommendations on how to succeed on this diet?

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