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(TRUE : I work in a bistro as manageress).

My dream started as follows:

I was at the bistro, attending a wedding of two females, both in white dresses.. It was a beautiful wedding, there were people inside and outside.

Then my dream turned. We were still in the bistro, same people - but not in wedding dresses. my boss was not at work. We had been having this party for longer than 24 hours straight. Adele came and sat next to me and said that my shirtt smelled funny and that I should go and shower, then suddenly, there was a shower. I went to the shower, but decided i should first check on the guests.

As I opened the door my bosses daughter (he only has a son) was busy taking off her trousers, and her boyfriend unzipping his trousers getting ready to have sex in the bistro, where everybody was sitting eating and drinking. I told them this is not allowed and that I was going to tell her father.

My dream changed and I was at a flea market with my boss. I told him I had something important to discuss with him, but we had to sit down. we went for coffee. as we were ordering the coffee, his "daughter" arrived and said to her dad that its not that bad. I started to tell him about the ordeal - then woke up.

What does this mean, it is all so jumbled.

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    Well researchers had said dreams is something that happen in you past so did you see a girl get strip in the shower and had Adele say you smell and had coffe whith your boss with a girl if you said yes to all of that then thats why

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    You want to tell your boss something bad you know about his daughter. KeePing it a secret is making you feel guilty.

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    It means nothing. Have you ever done research on what dreams are? They mean nothing

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