Feeling homesick, new school, new city?

So I grew up in a small southern town and went to the same school from kindergarten to middleschool. I moved to Ft.lauderdale a year ago and I miss all of my childhood friends that I grew up with, I knew everybody in my old town. I have been here for a year and I miss home so much, I don't know anybody here and the people here are so much different, please help I'm really homesick. I'm 17 by the way.

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  • 8 years ago
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    its normal that you feel homesick but in the long run you will have friends there just don't let it stress you.

  • 4 years ago

    I took a mountain route with some classmates so we were interior the approach the rockies doing all type of horribly wonderful like trekking mountains, mountain mountaineering, waking up in the previous wreck of day and*gasp* no longer taking showers even if the hardest section replaced into being faraway from abode. We werent allowed to call abode or write-we had no verbal change with the exterior international. I ignored my kin, my mattress, my music, my laptop,each and everything. yet I knew what i replaced into doing replaced into once in an finished life and that i'd be abode quickly sufficient. when I did get abode I favourite each and every little situation yet then I were given bored and actully needed to be decrease back freezing my a** off on the fringe of the mountain. the biggest situation i discovered replaced into if i ought to live on that adventure i ought to live on some thing and that i attempt to take adventage of everythine , no matter if i doesnt appear as if the finest situation, you merely stay once so dont waste a minute. good success and performance relaxing

  • 8 years ago

    maybe you could go to your home city, and maybe see a couple of people while on Winter break. and maybe that could help you a little with your home sickness. If you still have your old friend's phone numbers, maybe you could talk to them on the phone. That could help you a little too :)

    hope this helps you :)

    can you help me with my question too??


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