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What is this that I have !? Worried :(?

I'm a 16 year old girl & ever since I can remember I've always had burning when peeing and after peeing for a bit. Sometimes without peeing and also redness and swelling of the vagina lips. I also have really thick gross white mucousy discharge. I also have some cuts around my anus (sorry if its gross) and noticed some long light cuts at the sides of my vagina. What is this !?

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    It depends... If your sexually active, swelling and redness and cuts would be normal. I got that **** going on too, especially when I was 16 and first started having sex. I can also relate on the thick white discharge, if it's more mucousy with a very mild smell to it then your normal, however if it is thick, white, pasty and has a more strong odor, you should go to your doctor to check it out. Could be vaginitis. Or could be something else... I say visit your doctor and get a pelvic exam done just to be sure. Tell them all the symptoms you have.

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