So there's this guy..?

He likes me like a lot and I don't. I did at first but it faded pretty quick. The bad thing is I told him I liked him when I did. And now its kinda awkward hanging out with him. I just don't find him attractive and its not just him, its other guys too. I'm bisexual I have known it since I was 12 and was in denial till I was 15. Ever since then I wanted a girl, but it was easier to get a bf so I picked the guys I liked instead of the girls. (stupid I know, but hey she had a bf already) And one by one I was left disappointed. And I have found myself less attracted to men and still attracted to women. then I started thinking, "Maybe Im a lesbian.." I have done things with girls and it was quite exciting :). But the problem is what do I tell him I feel so bad about it.

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  • 8 years ago
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    what if you tell him u r lesbian then he might feel different about you!

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