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IS THERE A WAY that after I post a question .....?

and get an answer, I ask the same contributor about something which wasn't clear? In fact I recently asked "After signing in for hotmail, as, instead of going on to my inbox I am first presented with a screen asking me if I want to use HTTPS or not. If I chose to go on (i.e. not to set HTTPS) I am directed to my inbox; if I chose to set HTTPS, then I get a (stupid) notice saying "HTTPS is no longer configurable and is now enabled by default on your account.". And I would have to go back to the choice screen and chose to continue to email. I mean this happens EVERY time. I find it annoying and a loss of time. Anyone experienced this, or can help me irrespective? THANKS!" In this case I do NOT have the option " upgrade to" as suggested by Jose V.

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    You can "add details" to your question where you can add further clarification. It's not always guaranteed though that answerers will check back on questions they have answered already. Some do, some don't.

    Therefore add the details and then if you click on the person who answered your question and you will go to their "Activity" Page. Here you can see if they have their email option enabled. If they do then send them a quick email saying that you've added additional details to your question and would they mind having another look to see if they could help again.. Note: you will need to have your email option enabled on your Activity page as well.

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    challenging subject. look on bing and yahoo. it could help!

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