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What should I do about her? Someone help me.?

I've had relationships before, plenty of them. been with plenty of girls, i've had my fair share. and i met this girl in july, started talking and things were going greater then they've ever been. Recently we went to boston, it was amazing, best vacation of my entire life. as soon as we get home, she said she needed some space, wouldn't tell me whats wrong or anything. so i gave her a week, tried talking to her, same thing happened. gave her a little more time, and now she wants nothing to do with me. and I'm just like completely heart broken, I've honestly never been so heart broken and hung up on a chick in my entire life. i don'y know if i should just let her go, or try to pursue it or what. I just feel so lost, and alone. I've said i've loved girls before, thought i did at least. thought I've been in love before but i guess i really haven't because i've just never, ever felt THIS strongly about any girl.... what should I do? I do not want to give up on her, I really don't, I just can't, my heart won't let me. what should I do to win her back. somebody help me?

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    You just have to ask her what's up. You deserve to know why she suddenly just stopped wanting to hang out with you. You'll torment yourself until you know...and it may have NOTHING to do with you at all. Maybe she had a death in the family. Maybe she's hooked up with someone else. Maybe she's moving to China.

    Just call her up and ask her, or suggest going for coffee if you would rather do it in person. I am a firm believer in bringing things to the table, cuz you will regret it and always be wondering if you don't.

    Good luck!

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