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how do i get to know a girl with out being creepy?

there;s this girl i know from an old school, we never really talked much and she is one of my ex's friends but i'm really interested in her but i don't want to seem creepy by trying to get to know her

ps. no smart asses or d*ckheads answer this i need serious replies

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    8 years ago

    Well one way is to send her a casual message through Facebook or something (If you don't have her on Facebook.. then find her and add her :p) . But then you should first like her photo or like a status or something.. so maybe you can say something about her status. Just keep it really simple. When she answers you make sure not to reply right away.. you don't want to seem desperate or whatsoever. Anyway just keep it simple the first few times you talk to her.

    If you have her number or something then just send her a text thats like "hey, just saw I still have your number and I never even sent you a text :p how are you?" or something like that.

    Just don't be shy! I always like talking to people and most girls like talking, so don't be afraid to start a conversation. Good luck!

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