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is it possible to make soccer popular in america?

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    It is the fastest growing pro sport in the USA. It is projected that as the population ages, it will continue to grow. That is because virtually know adult over 35 ever played the sport, while those under 30 that played increase dramatically. More kids play the game than the other major sports combined!

    Soccer has a very bright future in the USA. Most of the pro teams are experiencing record attendance. The new stadiums being planned are no longer small 35,000 but rather large soccer specific stadiums that can seat 70,000 plus.

    Remember, the game has only been played here on a large scale by men and women only since the mid 1980's. in men's soccer, it has been played in Europe since 1863. It takes a long time to build up,the coaching, infrastructure and acceptance of a new sport. We have only had a men's pro game for a decade!


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    Diving and feigning injuries are certainly a problem in soccer, which FIFA has been trying to stamp out for some time. However, I don't think that is a major cause of it being less popular in the US. Many basketball teams routinely practice going down hard and dramatically in order to draw offensive fouls. Similarly, hockey players know that if they go down in certain circumstances they are sure to draw a power play.

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    It is extremely popular. I don't think it will ever be the top league in the world nor do I think it will ever displace the NFL, but that doesn't mean it's not popular.

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    Absolutely. It is in fact growing. little by little.

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    It already is the fastest growing sport in America

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    i hope not

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