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How do I tell my roommate that she stinks?

I've only been living with her for a couple months, but I'm not sure if I can finish the year here! I'm kinda scared to address the problem with her because there's been so many other things I've already confronted her about and I know she's getting irritated. The problem is she just smells. She takes the longest showers ever (on average about 1 hour) and then gets back and she still smells! She doesn't wash her clothes like ever and her side of the room is so messy! I am totally fine until she gets home for the day and then the room gets so smelly and stuffy. I usually complain about "a smell/stuffyness" and open the window and door and blast my fan, but then I get so cold! I've also tried perfuming the room. Last weekend I even vacuumed her side of the room and sadly that helped a bit. She is just so messy and dirty and SMELLY! How can I nicely tell her this without making her mad at me? Remember I still have to live with her!

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    That's really bad. Just take it easy and talk to her how you feel. Start the conversation like "Hey! Since we are a roommate and we have to stay together for a long time I want to know if there's anything you don't like about me. Why don't we talk openly. I'll tell you what I don't like too and blah blah." I can't stand a messy people too. For me, I just avoid to stay with them. It's better if you can move to another room. If not then you should just talk to her. It's not easy to live with those kind of people for a long time. Hope this help.

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    tell your roommate: "You stink up the room." super guy or not, there is not any excuse for poor hygiene or that he does not wash out the microwave right this moment after he has used it. Sharing your area with yet another does not recommend sharing your stink with yet another. Ask him to with politeness clean up his act and tell him promptly which you're comfortable to smells/cologne/cooking odours. permit him know it bugs you up front.

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    Maybe you should get a two room apartment and live like the odd couple. Oscar's room was a disaster area and felix's was spotless. But felix never had to enter oscar's room. You could also suggest that she pay a little more of the rent than you and you would take care of cleaning the rest of the home. If she has an issue with cleaning, she may like the idea. As to her own smell, maybe you could give her perfumed soap for Christmas.

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    You have to gift her underarm sprays for her birthday d:

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