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Perfectly rigid containers

Perfectly rigid containers each hold n moles of ideal gas, one being

hydrogen (H2) and other being neon (Ne) .

If it takes 300J of heat to increase the temperature of the hydrogen

by 3.30 degree celsius, by how many degrees will the same amount of


raise the temperature of the neon?

Express your answer using three significant figures.

unit = degree celsius

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    9 years ago
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    Hydrogen is a diatomic gas, heat required to raised n moles of H2 by T degrees Celsius = (5/2)nRT, where R is the Universal Gas Constant.

    Neon is a monatomic gas, heat required to raise n moles of Ne by T' degree Celsius = (3/2)nRT'

    Hence, 300 = (5/2)nRT = (3/2)nRT'

    i.e. T' = 5T/3 = 5 x 3.3/3 deg C = 5.5 deg C

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    Q = change of internal energy

    300 = (3/2) n R (delta T)

    You can find R by

    300=(5/2) n R (3.30)

    or checking the physical constant R

    Then you can find the change of Temperature of Neon.

    I don't know Chemistry-_-

    I have checked that Neon is Ne

    And Hydrogen gas should be H_2, Right?

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