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Nancy asked in Science & MathematicsChemistry · 8 years ago

I hope I am in the right category - please tell me if I'm not.?

What would take scorch off of glass?

To be more specific, I wear reading glasses. They were lying on the coffee table. My cigarette was in the ashtray. I got up to get a glass of water and while I was gone, the cigarette rolled out of the ashtray over to my glasses and lightly scorched the bottom of one of my lenses.

Dilemma: Don't want to scratch the glass. Don't want to put rubbing alcohol or peroxide on it. Besides these two things, I have absolutely no idea of what would remove it. Any chemists out there who can help me? PLEASE????

I thank you in advance (and cross my fingers)


You are right! "Glasses" are not really glass anymore (too heavy). What would be a fine enough abrasive? Toothpaste?

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  • gp4rts
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    8 years ago
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    Pretty much all "glasses' are now made of plastic, not glass. Glass does not scorch. The scorch you see is a chemical change in the plastic and is not easily reversed chemically (it is probably carbon). Abrasive removal is the only approach. You can find fine abrasive plastic cleaners that may be able to clean the lenses without scratching and without removing enough material to cause distortion. Look up plastic cleaners and polishing agents.

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