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Eyes water, burn, and itch?

For a while now, and a while meaning a couple years, my eyes have been bothering me. I'll give you a list of what's happening.

- They burn so badly that I have to shut my eyes

- They tear up, and ultimately makes the burning worse

- I can't stop rubbing them because they itch

- I don't have any allergies

- I don't have dry eye

- They happen anywhere and any time. I could be driving, reading, on the computer, walking, it doesn't matter.

My friends say that when it happens, my eye gets extremely red, and that my eyelid and eye areas look weathered and purple-ish after it's done. What is this? I know I'm not the only one with this problem but my mother thinks that I am exaggerating. I don't have an eye appointment for a long time, so do I go to the doctor for this, or do I need to make an emergency appointment with my eye care?

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    it sounds like it could be allergies, because i remember i always said i dont have allergies but one day i got sick and i found out it was from allergies i also know someone with the same problem they had to hold a cold rag over their eyes and she could not see she had to keep her eyes closed and her eyes were red. but i would go to doctor i would not wait if u have not already gone to the doctor,

    Good Luck

  • April
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    5 years ago

    get some allergy eye drops and use them..

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