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What type of fish are in the tank in the background of the show Comics Unleashed?

When the people are talking, you can see a tank in the backgroundwith these fish that look like minatur sharks.... I was wondering what type of fish these are.

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  • catx
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    8 years ago
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    Had to look on youtube as I'd never heard of this show.

    Not mini sharks, baby sharks. Look like juvenile Catsharks (such as Bamboo Sharks) of some kind - as adult you're looking at a primarily bottom dwelling 3-5ft long fish - not mini at all!

  • Gary C
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    8 years ago

    Just checked it on YouTube.

    Catx is right (as usual). Those are baby sharks.

    I think I saw a cat shark and a black-tipped shark in there, but I didn't get a detailed look, so they could have been other small shark species.

    In any case, they will be too large for that tank very soon.

  • immatt
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    8 years ago

    They are juvenile sharks, just little babies! It does appear to be some sort of very young cat or bamboo shark, such as a juvenile Grey Smooth Hound Shark. They grow to about 5-7 feet as adults.

    So it is a shark, but no more miniature than a puppy of a great dane dog or a grizzly bear cub.

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