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How can I hate the sin if I love the sinner?

I know I'm supposed to hate sins but I love the sinner and his sins are his trademark?

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    i love tosh.0 it's hilarious, but whenever he starts showing gay videos i usually change the channel.

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    I just love the way Chrsitians use this quote as if it was Chrsitian when it plainly is not!

    It is a quote from Mahatma Ghandi!

    Interestingly he also observed - “I like your Christ; I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ”!

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    Sins should not define a person, the whole point is that if you believe something is a 'sin' (depending on your personal values), then you shouldn't blame the PERSON for sinning, while at the same time disagreeing with the actual sin. That whole phrase is meant to be about not judging people while maintaining your own personal morality.

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    Its easy just because you love somebody doesn't mean you actually have to like them or what they do. I love my father very much, but in actually fact I don't like him nor do I like the things that he does, actually he wouldn't be a friend of mine if we weren't related and that same goes for a number of my family members. Yes it may make them unique but it doesn't necessarily make the better people or nice for that matter.

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    It says Satan is beautiful and funny. But make you end in a trouble. Me personally, I am attracted to bad people. Cause they are funny, friendly and attracted. I found good people are just boring. But I make myself in the middle of everything. Trying to being with them, but not get effected by them.

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    Many people who commit crimes' have changed for the better because someone took the trouble to look past what they had done and saw the person instead.

  • It's sort of the same way you love your mother, but hate that she won't let you stay out past midnight.

  • Pazuzu
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    8 years ago

    You can love a sinner... as long as you don't partake in the sins...

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