What are the steps to take to not allow driving record impede security clearance for SF training?

My goal is to finish community college enroll in a university that offers Army ROTC training and graduate as a 2ndLt.

From there I'd like to join Army National Guard and go through the Special Forces Training Program.

The issue lies with my driving record, I understand that if not explained cleared up, it may hinder my chances at attaining the special forces clearance I need. (of course given that if I can get past the physical and mental stress of it all).

So for someone like myself who has had a iffy driving past with misdemeanors if I manage to clear everything up and be honest and forthcoming, how much should I anticipate the security clearance being an issue and are there steps to guarantee clearance?

For example if I speak Arabic, French and happen to be a Physicians or Nurse do those things weigh heavy enough to forego things like driving misdemeanors.


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  • 8 years ago
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    i don't think your driving record will hurt. just describe what the misdemeaners were, and somewhere, sum it up with something like "i am more mature now and realize that those things were childish, stupid, and risky. "

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    4 years ago

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  • 8 years ago

    See you really don't understand ROTC...

    You go Active Duty after ROTC...

    NO NG...No Reserves...NO SF...

    Back during the Vietnam War ROTC meant...

    "Run Of To Canada"...

    Source(s): Retired Marine...VSO...
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