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Would dewormer from a pet store work for worms?

I recently gotten a kitten from a shelter so he came with all his shots the whole 9 yards took him to a vet not long after for standard check up everything went good. And just now I see this white worm like thing coming from his anus! If I get some dewormer medicine from a pet store woul this be sufficient in getting rid of them? Or taking him to the vet? Only ask cause I don't have the money this week to do so. Please help. Thanks in advance.

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    The only time you should ever use an over the counter (OTC) product is if the vet has specifically told you that you can. People write in here all the time asking for help with problems they've caused by using OTC products, using it wrong, trying to save money and they make their animal sick and not only then have to go to the vet for worming the vet has to try and cure the problem they caused. Call the vet and ask. You might be told which product to use specifically and how to do it or the vet might say don't. This is one of those cases where deworming should really be done by a vet.

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    No because you don't know what worms he has. Store bought dewormers can also be VERY dangerous especially for a small kitten. Get him to the vet.

    If you "don't have money" why on earth did you adopt a kitten? Didn't you sign that you'd provide medical care for this kitten as needed? And you're already going to break what you agreed to?

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    Would be better to take him to a vet, if you do it you would be guessing at which type of worms your kitten has and if you give it to him wrong he could get pretty sick. A vet will do a fecal sample and find out exactly which worm your kitten has.

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