He said he wants to slow things down?

This guy and I are upperclassmen in college. We've been acquaintances since the beginning of the semester, and at a party last weekend, we got even closer (we kissed and had sex). The next morning, he didn't want me to leave, so this was not the typical hookup. When he walked me back home he was holding my hand in public, and even kissed me. Things got even better when he asked me out for coffee the following afternoon, and our date went really well. The other night I stayed over at his place and all we did was talk, listen to music, and fell asleep together. Today I bumped into him, and he took me aside and told me that he really likes me, but he wants to slow things down and go on more dates after we get back from Thanksgiving break. He seemed really awkward (and he even admitted it). At the time things felt ok but now it feels like I just got rejected. What do I do? I wish I could've asked him to clear things up but at the time I was just too dumbfounded. Does this mean he doesn't want to see me anymore? Should I even try to communicate with him for the time being?

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  • DC
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    8 years ago

    Maybe you should take what he says with face value. If he wasn't shy about showing affection in public and wants to go on more dates, he probably really likes you and wants to make sure this is real and not just sexual attraction.

  • 8 years ago

    you gave him a b___job, what do you think?

    what are you going to do? drop out to take care of a baby?

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