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Is Iphone 3gs a good phone?

Okay Guys.Let me ask you something! Is the Iphone 3gs a good phone or Samsung Galaxy ace? I wanted to know about the Iphone 3gs features and all that. I know that the shape looks nice and curvy shape! Which I like a lot. But most of my friends said that the Samsung Galaxy Ace sucks! Cause it lags much. But Iphone doesn't lag that much. And when the Galaxy Ace too lag it will spoil easily? For what I know that,if I were to buy a Samsung Galaxy Ace 1st hand,it would be $299.90. But if I were to go buy an Iphone 3gs 2nd Hand,8GB is $190,16GB is $200 and 32GB is $220! Most of the people said that Iphone 3gs is still quite popular.If Galaxy Ace 1st hand $299.90 if I sell it,it will probably be around the price of $80. But if people were to sell it 2nd hand it would be at least $175. So I really need you guys tell me all the Iphone 3gs features and what they are lack of. PLEASE! And what is the difference between 3GS and Iphone 4.Do not tell me to go buy an Iphone 4 or 4S. I am just 13 years old. And I don't even have a job. SO PLEASE HELP ME!!

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    iPhone 3GS is a very classic phone, by Apple.

    Jobs is gone, the classic NEVER recurrence.

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