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How to fall out of love ASAP?

I am in a relationship where the guy does not love me. I need to get out for my safety and well being, but am too in love to make the move. Everyone makes it seem so simple, by saying "Just leave him", but how do I get my heart to agree with my head? Is there a scientific method or a remedy for losing feelings for someone? Serious answers only please. I know this may sound silly to some, but it is a real issue for me. I am tired of being used, but I can't seem to stop loving him.

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    first step: realize that this relationship is unhealthy for you

    second step: stop answering his calls, text, or messages on facebook....he'll start to notice a change in you.

    Third step: He'll want to know why you are avoiding him, so when this happens tell him the truth...YES, this is the part where you tell him you want to move on. AFTER not talking to him for a long time (from step two)...this step three will be easier to do.

    Step four: YES delete him from everything!!......DO not start talking to him until you emotionally feel that you moved on from him.....give each other some space! good luck=]

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    He's not in love with you if he still has a girlfriend. Give up and move on. You deserve someone better who'd want to be with you and only you.

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    You have to step outside your situation to see what is the problem...don't jump into another relationship right away.

    Stop all contact with the one you're more how are you doing calls - NO CONTACT

    Then focus on your job and friends.

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    You love who you want him to be, not who he is. You can not control your feelings, but you can control your actions.

    Do you want this person to be the father of your children? Do you want to have daughters that follow in your foot steps.

    You can find someone that you love, that will love you back

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    stay away from him , like as far as u can away from him . go on a holiday out of the country and meet new people . thats the answer .. MEET NEW PEOPLE ! if you can't go on a holiday , go on dating sites :) i really hope i helped you in this situation.

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