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Hershey's brand milk chocolate burns the back of my throat why?

Whenever I eat Hersheys Milk Chocolate THIS BRAND ONLY the back of my throat burns and it makes me cough. I absolutely love chocolate and idk why my throat feels like this am I allergic or something? Only the back of my throat hurts when I eat it btw nothing else

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    The ingredients, according to a web- search, are: Sugar; Milk; Cocoa Butter; Chocolate; Soy Lecithin; and Vanillin. "In Canada, Hershey's new "Creamy Milk Chocolate" bar also features polyglycerol polyricinoleate." Could you be reacting to any of those ingredients? The other responder said a soy reaction, and it has soy lecithin in it.

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    You just made me notice this about myself also. It is more than likely a soy reaction. But if it goes away then you are having a normal resistant reaction. If you were allergic you would not be able to notice the point of relief.

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