what are the odds of a first time tampon user getting toxic shock syndrome?

I'm a little scared could you please share your experiences regarding "TSS"

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    They're higher in a first-time user.

    TSS is when certain bacteria in the vagina overgrow and start producing TSST-1 toxin - that toxin can enter your body and if you lack immunity it overwhelms your immune system and experience something similar to septic shock. Younger women, and especially first time users, are less likely to have antibodies to TSST-1 and yet to have built-up immunity.

    If you are going to use tampons follow precautions to lessen risks;

    - Change every 4-6 hours.

    - Always use lowest absorbency.

    - Alternate with pads whenever possible.

    - Do not use before your period.

    - Do not use with light flow.

    - Do not use overnight.

    - Do not use with an infection.

    - Avoid rayon tampons e.g. Tampax, Playtex, Kotex.

    - Wash hands before use.

    - Keep tampons clean and dry.

    - Learn about TSS, infections and dioxin.

    You ARE Loved (TSS information) -

    The best way to prevent TSS is not to use tampons - there are other options.

    The best alternative to tampons are menstrual cups - these are internal like tampons but safer and more hygienic so no risk of TSS, infections, increased cramps or exposure to dioxin. Cups can thus be worn safely for 12 hours, with any flow, overnight, before your period, and no need to alternate with pads. Cups are also easier to use, more comfortable, cheaper, greener and don't leak like tampons or pads.

    What Are Menstrual Cups? -

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    Toxic Shock is when LPS from bacteria goes systemic, just make sure your tampon is sterile?

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