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Is it necessary for an omniscient god to test someone if he already knows what the outcome would be?

God testing Abraham, testing Job, testing Adam and Eve. What is the point of all the testing? Is God sort of like GLaDOS in "Portal"?

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    @Trev: "Keep reading the Bible, will you?....."

    Well Trev, you talked a lot of sh*t there, and claimed the bible explains it, but then failed to actually explain it.

    People that give an answer of 'read the bible', are basically saying 'I don't really know myself'.


    @Sunshine: "This is a reasonable question: The answer is that God uses his powers in a way that reflect both love and justice. "

    That's not really a reasonable answer. What is the point of the testing?


    @David I: "Hes knew the outcome of the tests he gave you. So what."

    So what? THE POINT David, THE POINT. What is THE POINT of the tests if he already knows the answer?


    @hiniikke..."Would it be all right for a teacher to say to a student " There is no point in you sitting the exam because you will fail"

    Yes, if the teacher knows the student can't pass it. I can't pass a test on quantum physics, so what is the point of me sitting the test?

    That's why we don't all get tested on EVERY subject possible at school, including subjects we didn't take, because there is no point, because we will fail the ones we didn't actually learn.


    @hiniikke... "Everyone deserves a chance to know their ability.

    God gives you that chance."

    Yeah god gives dead babies and infants that chance doesn't he? Don't be so stupid.


    @hiniikke..."The objective of this life is that you KNOW yourself."

    Why exactly?


    Sorry Delusionalists, but the very fact we all live different length lives, in different environments, with different dna, brains and upbrining, some of us dying before we can even THINK coherently, shows that even if it were a test, it would be extremely unfair.

    It's embarrassing that you even think there is some test going on, when you can QUITE CLEARLY see it's there's no equality to it.

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    Let's go along with the road in Genesis the place God made man in his own photograph. That would make man and God the equal, right? So the question shouldn't be "is God omniscient?" however as a substitute, "why does *man* consider God is omniscient?" in my view, having tried to get a man to confess he doesn't know the place he's and ask for instructional materials or trying to get him to discontinue pretending he really does recognize the right way to fix that "whatsit," i might say that man was indeed made in God's image and the two are stylish on each and every different to hold the entire idea going. For this reason the carrying on with idea of omniscience in the face of information to the contrary.

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    I believe, or at least I reckon, that the testing is for the human to realise their faith, rather than God to realise their faith.

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    Think more Lavos from Chrono Trigger. An unbelievable entity sent from elsewhere to pervade through time and suck the life from the planet. Its not that they knew the outcome, its that they wanted absolute control and knew they would fail.

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    No. He's just playing a game (mythologically).

    "I gave you companions to help, an old enemy to fight. Well, it's a game within a game."

    - Borusa, The Five Doctors

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    Theory < practice

    Source(s): imagination < reality
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    It is if god is a sadist.

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    God is a jerk

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    Think of it like this. I invented a peely fruit that contains sodium instead of potassium. I know eating it will give you high blood pressure but it would be damn amusing to see banana eaters try out my new fruit and die of high blood pressure even if I knew the outcome.

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    Hes knew the outcome of the tests he gave you. So what.

    He also gave you free will in those tests.

    Why do you use one side of the argument and conveniently neglect the other...

    Does it suit to make your illogical argument stick?

    Is that what you call bravery and courage?

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    Greetings to Bananas everywhere,

    This is a reasonable question: The answer is that God uses his powers in a way that reflect both love and justice. In other words, while he CAN do anything (ie know the future) sometimes he choses not to do something, if it would be unfair, unjust or unloving.



    QUESTION: Why would a god that knows everything have to create a test?

    Being ABLE to know everything isn't the same as knowing everything any more than being able to cook is the same as cooking. If you can do something you still have to chose whether you WILL do it or not.

    God can do anything, including chose NOT to see the outcome when humans are given a choice.

    Imagine a parent that CAN read his child's intimate diary, go into his room and go through all his personal belongings, listen in on his childs telephone conversations and any other manner of things to have the information he wants about him or her. Does this necessarily mean that parent WILL do all those things? He may well figure that, while still protecting his child, he will accord him a measure of privacy and in doing so show the child he has confidence in his ability to make good decisions.

    In a similar way, God CAN know everything about us including what choices we will make in the future; more often than not however, he choses to learn about our choices when we make them.

    In short, why would a God that knows everything create a test? Because he doesn't know everything*, and he wanted to know if Adam and Eve would past the test and prove themselves worthy of the gift of everlasting life.

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    * He could if he wanted to but he choses not to use all his powers all the time.

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