Nearly at the end of pregnancy, help?

I think I've drove myself crazy keep thinking if I'm in early stages of labour or with whats happening to my body.

I'm 17, pregnant at 39weeks +2 days, with my first.

This morning I've had lots of braxton hicks contractions, most painful ones I've had so far, I've had about 5 in an hour (if I only count the painful ones) I went to the toilet this morning cause I didn't feel too well and wiped & found bit of blood on the toilet roll, it was bit pinky tinged with blood but didnt look like my mucous plug. Anyone else experience something simliar? Any help would be appreciated

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    8 years ago
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    I think that it actually was a part of mucus plug. You are very near delivery, and braxton-hicks is the sign of your body preparing for it. Generally, you can consider that labour has started when 1. your water breaks, or 2. you have REGULAR contractions 5-10 minutes apart. With regular contractions 10 minutes apart, it might take you some 10-12 hours until delivery, so it might be better-if you can hang in there at home-to wait until your contractions are 5 mniutes apart, and then go to hospital. Good luck.

    Source(s): Personl experience-mom of 2
  • 8 years ago

    u r ready to go anytime. when it becomes uncomfortable or ur worried go to the hospital. could be today, could be next week but the baby will come, i would say sooner rather than later.

    good luck

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