Always end up dating jealous men?

WHY do I always end up with these jealous guys?

They start out being super confidant and cool with me and then all of a sudden (yes all of a sudden) one day something I do turns the switch and they never go back.

I don't text, call or contact ex's or other men. I RARELY hang with other men, and when I do they are just friends, hanging with other people. Even hanging with just women upsets them and I always tell my guys what I'm up to being honest. I have NEVER cheated on a bf! EVER! Yet they always do this to me. I'm with them more than I'm with anyone else and when I do go out with other ppl. he's ALWAYS invited to come unless it's like during class or like tonight I almost passed out at work, was light headed asked my cousin's friend (A coworker) to drive me home, and stay with my cousin (cousin and I live together) who both agreed. I talked to my cousin for 10-15 min, then went upstairs the WHOLE while from the time I got off work 'til I went t to bed texting my bf, and telling him what's up. He just flips out and makes EVERY thing about how I "must be cheating on him" because I texted instead of called (my phone was dying and he could have called me if he wanted and was worried about me!) How I took forever to get home, well I had to wait for my coworker and then he drove slow as all hell sorry?? THEN it was that I was talking to my cousin for a long time... Therefor I was "probably" ******* the coworker who kindly took me home because I didn't feel safe enough too! He's never seen this coworker, talked to him or even heard ME talking about him!

WHAT is with men?? EVERY guy I date is like this, harassing me with mean texts for hrs. I just stop replying after a while, and nothing I say even when said a million times makes them feel any better? HOW do I avoid this kind of guy in the future BEFORE we start getting serious???

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  • 8 years ago
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    it just happen but definitely you will find the perfect date.

  • 8 years ago

    Not all guys are like the one's you seem to end up with, but a lot are and it has a lot to do with how society is these days. Even YA! here is full of stories about guys and girls cheating on each other and it makes a guy nervous and lots can't handle it and think their girlfriend is ******* someone when she's late getting home. Problem is it does happen.

    Texting and instant messaging also allows people to rant and vent off in an instant without thinking things through first. I answer lots of questions here from people trying to undo the damage they've caused but it can't be undone because you can't unring a bell.

    I wonder if it would be any good to text your guy regarding the coworker and ask him if he really thinks that way about you. Maybe it might undo some damage if he is presently wishing he could bite his tongue off for saying it???

    Pehaps you need to go more slowly into a relationship and talk about casual stuff in order to build up trust and confidence between you. That way, catching a ride with a coworker would be seen as something good rather than an issue of distrust which I think a lot of the problem is all about. These days, a guy needs to feel really comfortable with his SO because of all the temptations that are around.

    I think lots of guys privately worry about their S.O. but never go so far as to make accusations without real proof and this is where your guys go wrong. They shoot first and ask questions afterwards so to speak.

    Perhaps if could pay particular attention to building trust and confidence between yourselves it might go a long way towards solving your problem.

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