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Questions About rubber bands in INVISALIGN?

so im on my fourth trays and my orthdonist gave me a pair of rubber bands and he had never told me anything about them.

im already insecured about my braces and THERES NO WAY im going to wear these stupid rubber bands in public.

my question is should i still wear them at night or ist not gonna work unless i wear themm all the time?

thank you and please answer the question only

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    You have to realize that everyone is different. You need to ask your orthodontist what the bands are for, when you need to wear them, and for how long. They don't give you bands without reason. Anytime you don't understand something about your treatment, as your orthodontist while you are in the office. If you refuse to cooperate with the treatment, it will not be successful. Remember, this isn't forever.

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  • Lauren
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    8 years ago

    If your orthodontist told you to wear them at night, you wear them at night. If he told you to wear them 24/24, then wear them all the day. If you want nice teeth, then you're going to get over it and wear them :)

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