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Do you guys know anything about Hollyoaks (UK)?

So few days ago, I was YouTube and came across some "Stug" videos.. I watched it and thought they looked cute with each other :)

but I started looking them up, and the Soap/Series this charecters are from, and apparently they're from a series called Hollyoaks or Hollyoaks later.

But every time I search for the series episodes or casts they're not in it, why? if they're actually in it, what season did they started appearing? and if they're not from HO, then what series?

Please if you know anything, tell me!! I've been looking up for this kind of series for a long time..

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    Hollyoaks is a british soap and its AMAZING!! Stug is like what people call Ste and Doug :) I prefer Stendan though Ste and Brenden :P If you want to watch it, its on e4 at 7.00 every night besides weekends. 'Stug' Is still in it, and I defo recommend watching the recent episodes they've been amazing you can watch them here.. x

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    Stug... yea they are cute alright but I'm more of a mcdean fan 2007- 2008!! or

    These links will lead you on to others.

    It is the best show ever... I love it!

  • its a british soap set in Chester. You can watch latest episodes on 4OD (in uk)

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