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For those who eat 4-5 small meals a day, eat at least 5 a day everyday & snack lots & regularly..whats...?

a typical meal plan for you, like what things would you eat in one day?

Listing everything you eat in one day would be interesting.

Please only answer if you do regularly eat 4-5 small meals a day, eat healthily, snack lots and regularly and get at least 5 a day (fruit/veg) most days.

Also what's the usual cost of your grocery bill for just you a week?

........Thank you people for answering :D

Unnecessary ramble: (no need to read)

At the moment i'm asking because i just had a very bad year which i ate next to nothing for the entire year, because of extremely bad circumstances, i'm slowly starting to eat properly again. The above, in the question described my typical diet, hence i'm interested in hearing about yours :)

I'm starting off slowly, i don't like eating heavy meals right now but rather to snack lots and i mean lots of light things regularly, i don't like just eating something heavy to make myself feel full (none are psychological reasons) as i feel bloated (i understand why because i do tonnes of research) at the moment when i do that. But anyways, please don't give me advice on this lol, i was just venting/explaining why i asked.

I'm not asking for ideas or anything, i'm sorted but just interested.


holy crap at the amount of milk you drink....that can't be good can it lol.

My body doesn't really like dairy.

Thanks guys for putting the effort in to write all of that I appreciate it very much, seriously!

Oh and by the way I'm not working out lol, i just love food and have a high matobolism and trying to get back on track, i don't calorie count but I appreciate what you've suggested.

Thanks to both of you.

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    I eat 1250 to 1500 hundred calories a day. I workout about twice daily so my intake has to much higher to avoid starving my body.

    Here's an average day.

    Meal 1. Egg whites, fruit bowl with kiwi, pineapple and grapes.

    Snack: Apples, peanut butter and nuts.

    Meal 2: salmon, rice and vegetables with soy sauce.

    Snack: blueberries, and yogurt.

    Meal 3: Chicken wrap and vegetables.

    Meal 4: home made baked chick parmesan with peppers, tomatoes and whole wheat spaghetti.

    Snack: Usually boiled egg , and open face sandwich.

    If I didn't eat like this, I would have no energy.

    My grocery bills are usually 150 or 200 every few weeks.

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    Did you see a nutritionist earlier than you modified your weight loss program? How tall are you? Customarily, if you're enormously overweight then a eating regimen consisted of only liquid would receive to you with the aid of a nutritionist. In the event you used to eat 6 meals a day then you don't need to go from 6 to 1 meal for the reason that this may occasionally cause your body to feel that it's ravenous and rationale it to conserve the energy and nutrition that you consumed in that one meal. On this case, it will hinder your capability to lose more weight faster and you do not want that. Rather, have most effective 3 ingredients a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner). The 2nd you get up, have breakfast, which must be the biggest meal out of the three. Lunch will have to be the second greatest and dinner should be more of a snack instead than a full meal. That is because of the best way your metabolism begins the second you might have that first meal and reduces to an virtually discontinue when you sleep. When having lunch, have it around 1-3 pm instead of at 12 exactly. Lower on any food that involves multiple preservatives (ie: McDonald's, BK, Chef Boyadee, microwaveable pizza, and so forth), however you will have to do this steadily so the cravings for it won't be as harsh. Activity can be relevant given that no real weight loss application includes only a food regimen. Simply taking the stairs alternatively of the elevator can do more than you can also think.

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  • Meal one: protein shake(30g) and 4 eggs boiled with 4 slice of brown bread

    Meal two : 3 tuna sandwiches with light mayo if I get bored of just tuna in water.

    Meal three: protein shake(30g) and 2 chicken breasts with fistful brown rice.

    Meal four: 2 boiled potato, 3 fillets of tilapia in lime and pepper.


    Meal six: protein (60g) large chicken breast, green tea, fistful brown rice.

    I finish eating my meals by 8pm. I take casein protein before going to bed around 11pm.

    Meal times: 8am 11am 1pm 4pm 7pm or 8pm.

    You have to throw in vegetables and fruits throughout the day and change eating plans every month. I eat a lot of dry fruits, granola, Greek yogurt, peanut butter, 85% dark chocolate, all sorts of vegetables and fruits.

    There is a lot more but can't list everything.

    I drink almost 4 liters of milk a day and almost a gallon of water. Takes a lot of time but the results are just phenomenal

    Count your calories. This diet is good when you want lean muscle.

    Easiest way to keep up is cook on a Sunday then eat the whole week!!

    Good luck!!

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