Name 5 boys & 5 girls using these random names!?

People really liked the one I made last week so here's another one with different names! :)

Name 5 boys & 5 girls with first and middle names using the names below. Feel free to use your own favourite spellings!

All names are random. Some I like, some I hate.

Girl names:

April, Andrea, Brooke, Brandy, Crystal, Colleen, Diane, Dorothy, Erika, Elvira, Fabienne, Florence, Ginger, Gwyneth, Hillary, Hazel, Indigo, Isabelle, June, Janelle, Kimberly, Kay, Lindsay, Leah, Michaela, Marie, Nicole, Natalie, Opal, Oceana, Peggy, Paulene, Quiana, Questa, Rachel, Rebecca, Sylvia, Scarlette, Tracie, Temperance, Uma, Unity, Veronica, Vonna, Wynter, Wendy, Xira, Xenia, Yvette, Yasmine, Zyrielle, Zahara

Boy names:

Abraham, Axel, Borris, Brock, Charles, Collin, Drake, Dorian, Emmett, Earl, Francis, Forrest, Gordon, Garth, Hank, Harvey, Igor, Isaiah, James, Jebediah, Kane, Kenneth, Liam, Leland, Matthew, Merle, Nolan, Nicholas, Omar, Oswald, Paul, Preston, Quasar, Quin, Ralph, Richard, Spencer, Samuel, Todd, Thomas, Uriel, Urijah, Victor, Vernon, William, Wesley, Xylem, Xanthus, Yaseen, Yogi, Zentavious, Zayden

I tried to mix it up so there are common, easy names as well as weird, rare names to challenge you! All different names from last week. :) Have fun!

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    ❀ Hazel Rebecca

    ❀ Scarlett Opal

    ❀ Isabel Ginger

    ❀ Colleen Natalie

    ❀ Marie Gwyneth

    ❀ Liam Wesley

    ❀ Emmett Charles

    ❀ Nicholas Garth

    ❀ William Isaiah

    ❀ Abraham James

    From the girls I like Hazel Rebecca and Scarlett Opal, and I pretty much like all the boy combos I used. :)

    ♥кαуℓєє ℓуηη

  • 6 years ago


    1. James Isaiah

    2. Liam Nicholas

    3. Matthew Thomas - Matt

    4. Samuel Charles - Sam

    5. Emmett Collin


    1. April Rebecca

    2. Brooke Erika

    3. Hazel Natalie

    4. Leah Hazel

    5. Rachel Isabelle


  • 7 years ago

    ♥ Scarlett June

    ♥ Isabelle Temperance

    ♥ Hazel Rebecca

    ♥ Indigo Opal

    ♥ Florence Winter

    ♥ Spencer Charles

    ♥ Samuel Preston

    ♥ Harvey Jebediah

    ♥ Emmett Nicholas

    ♥ Isaiah Thomas

    " Scarlett, Issy, Hazel, Indie, Flora, Spence, Sam, Harvey, Em & Isaiah "

  • Hannah
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    Brooke Winter

    Isabelle Wendy "Issa"

    Lindsey Marie

    Lia Janelle

    Scarlett Rachel "Arlie"

    Isaiah Charles

    James Wesley "Jay"

    Nicholas Matthew "Nick"

    Samuel Preston "Sam"

    William Thomas "Will"

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  • Roisin
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    Indigo Andrea

    Rebecca Dorothy

    Hazel Florence

    Yvette April

    Zahara June

    Samuel Isaiah

    Nicholas Emmett

    Charles Kane

    Spencer Axel

    Matthew James

    Indi, Bec, Hazel, Ivy, Zahara, Sam, Nick, Charlie, Spence & Matt

  • 8 years ago

    Hazel Brooke

    Indigo Ginger

    Isabelle Colleen

    Scarlett Opal

    Xenia Marie

    Charles Liam

    Colin Dorian

    Emmett Nicholas

    Wesley Thomas

    Matthew Jebediah

    Hazel, Indie, Izzy, Scarlett, Xenia, Charlie, Colin, Emmett, Wes & Matty =D

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Girl names: Brandy Diane, Crystal Oceana, Yasmine Zahara, Elvira April and Hillary Natalie.

    Boy names: Axel Kane, Ralph Gordon, Nicholas Collin, Harvey Abraham and Liam Samuel.

    I think Zyrielle is beautiful and unique :)

  • Colleen Florence

    Scarlett Opal

    Kimberly Veronica

    Erika Hilarie

    Natalie Yvette

    Francis Emmett

    Liam Preston

    Thomas Drake

    Victor Leland

    Nicholas Harvey

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Natalie Diane

    Brooke Erika

    Leah Janelle

    Isabelle Scarlette

    Rachel June

    Emmett Charles

    James William

    Matthew Samuel

    Thomas Nolan

    Nicholas Ralph

    "Natalie, Brooke, Leah, Belle, Rae, Emmett, Jamie, Matt, Tom, Nick"

  • 8 years ago

    Scarlet Oceana

    Winter Isabel

    Hazel Natalie

    Leah Florence

    Gwyneth June

    Emmett William

    Harvey Matthew

    Leland Preston

    Nolan Todd

    Wesley Collin

  • 8 years ago

    Ginger Veronica

    Brooke Lynne (love this, I live in Brooklyn)

    Rebecca Xenia

    Nicole Diane

    Erika Marie

    Zayden Drake

    Nicholas Victor

    Kenneth Thomas

    Matthew James

    James Paul

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