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What are all the songs by Blood On The Dance Floor?

I want to listen to all of them please help all up until Evolution please! I've heard Evolution and Anthem Of The Outcast. Thanks :)

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    7 years ago
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    Let's Start a Riot! (2008)

    Let's Start a Riot

    I Can't Get Enuff

    B*tches Get Stitches

    Blood On The Dance Floor

    Sex and Violence

    I <3 Hello Kitty

    You're a Dancer, Not a Lover

    Modern World Christ

    Money and Hoes

    Till Death Do We Party

    I Hope You Choke

    Fallen Star


    It's Hard To Be A Diamond In A Rhinestone World (2009)

    Slash Gash Terror Crew Anthem!

    Save the Rave

    S My D

    Ima Monster

    It's Hard to be a Diamond in a Rhinestone World

    Keys to the Bakery

    Blood On the Dance Floor (DJ Pickee Remix)

    Mosh and Roll!

    Do You Wanna Be a Superstar?

    Wet Dream War Machine

    Mad Rad Hair



    I Scream I Scream - EP (2009)

    Scream For My Ice Cream

    Siq With A Q

    Up All Night!

    Miss Bipolar (Love Fight) (feat. Lolli Dolli)

    Suicide Club

    Extended Play! EP (2009)

    Crunk Man

    Beat It Michael Jackson Tribute

    OMFG Sneak Peak! - EP (2009)

    Well Suck Me!


    Looking Hot, Dangerous!

    It's Happening!

    Epic (2010)

    Death To Your Heart!

    Beautiful Surgery

    Sugar Rush

    Lose Control


    Horrifically Delicious (Remake)

    Lookin' Hot Dangerous! (Remake)

    Inject Me Sweetly



    Scream For My Ice Cream (Remake)


    I'm What Dreams Are Made Of

    It's On Like Donkey Kong

    Party On

    S---s Get Guts

    You Done Goofed

    Success Is The Best Revenge

    Innocent High

    IDGAF (Remake)

    F--k The Rest, We The Best!

    An Epic of Epicness

    All The Rage! (2011)

    Dark Dreams (feat. Lady Nogrady)

    Find Your Way

    Happy Violentines Day

    Bewitched (feat. Lady Nogrady)


    All the Rage!

    The Untouchables



    Star Power!

    Yo, Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me)

    The Loving Dead (New)

    My Gift And My Curse (James Egbert Remix)

    Love Sucks! (My X Is a Vampire

    G.F.A. (ft. JJ Demon, Nick Nasty & Lady Nogrady)


    La Petite Morte - the Little Death (Feat. Elena from Demona Mortiss)

    Crunk Man (Remake)

    Designed to Kill (Remake)

    The Loving Dead

    My Gift And My Curse

    D.U.I. (Dancing Under the Influence)

    D.U.I. (Dancing Under the Influence) (feat. Jeffree Star)

    Inject Me Sweetly (feat. Jeffree Star)

    Sexting (Remix) (feat. Jeffree Star)

    Sexting (Remix) (feat. Rusty Lixx)

    Dark Dreams (God's Paparazzi Remix) (feat. Lady Nogrady)


    Crunk Man


    Songs Featuring BOTDF

    Can't Have What I Got (feat. Blood On The Dance Floor & KatiKaine) - God's Paparazzi

    Source(s): Hope I'm not missing any :)
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  • 3 years ago

    I havent heard all of their songs for the reason that its style effective and miss with me the position a number of their songs sound so undesirable it makes my ears bleed and others are fairly caitchy xD i love miss Bipolar

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  • 7 years ago

    Evolution (2012)

    1. Rise & Shine (feat. Deuce)

    2. Unforgiven

    3. Law Of Love

    4. Frankenstein + The Bride (feat. Haley Rose)

    5. Fantasyland

    6. Revenge Porn

    7. Mercy (feat. Amelia Arsenic)

    8. Hollywood Tragedy (feat. Shawn Brandon)

    9. Rampage Of Love

    10. The Last Dance

    11. Incomplete And All Alone (feat. Joel Madden)

    12. Deja Vu

    13. You Are The HEart

    14. The Right To Love

    15. Loveotomy

    16. Mother Earth

    17. Love Conquers All

    18. Love Is The Message

    19. Frankenstein + the Bride (Acoustic Version)

    20. Unforgiven (Acoustic Version)

    Anthem OF The Outcast(2012)

    1. The Calling

    2. The Comeback

    3. The Anthem of the Outcast

    4. Hell on Heels (Givin' In To Sin) Feat. NEW YEARS DAY

    5. Your Sorry Life

    6. Worlds Away

    7. Don't Want To Be Like You

    8. Anthem of the Outcast (Radio Edit)

    9. Unforgiven (Matroda Remix)

    10. Clubbed to Death

    11. Deep Within

    12. Where's My Wonderland

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