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I'm really ugly, guys don't like me?

I have pimples all over my face. they are really noticeable. My face is oily and shiny all the time. I have body hair everywhere. I kinda have sideburns, but not as hairy as a guys. I'm growing a girl-stache, and there's a little hair on my chin. There's hair on my arms and back (a LOT) but none on my legs (i shave).

My hair's frizzy. It's a pretty black color, but about 10 minutes after i brush my hair, it returns to its normal poofiness. I like my haircut (it's in layers), though. I don't mind my hair that much, but, well, it makesme look very messy.

I'm fat. Even the doctor tells me to lose a little weight. I'm 5'3, 140 lbs. Most of my fat is in my thighs, and a some in my stomach.

My skin color is fine, but uneven. My skin is kinda tannish, while the rest of my body is like three shades darker than my face. I'm not racist or anything, but lighter skin color would looks better ON ME! keep my glasses on. i have braces, but braces actually look good on me, so i'm cool w/ that.

I have great cheekbones, but my nose is kinda big and my ears stick out a little. I look decent without glasses, but i don't have contacts so i have to

When I look into the mirror, I always think "Who'd ever want to date me? I'm probably one of the most ugliest girls in the school."

I think I have a great personality. I'm smart and very caring. I'm always donating for cancer research and I recycle and very 'sacrificial' to all my friends and family. I can dance very well and I like anime and reading, and most of all, my PS3. I suck at drawing. I'm VERY sensitive, and I hate that :/

Any tips how I can become, well, prettier?

I don't wanna do anything bad to myself, like get surgeries. I don't wanna straighten my hair, because heat has a bad effect on my hair (long story).

Please help, I feel very insecure, and I've never been asked out, EVER?? I have almost everything I've lived so far for, but my looks takes away all the happiness?


btw, my sense of fashion is fine, i wear jeans and cute tops. i don't wear make up, except a little lip gloss and sometimes eye shadow (i already have really long lashes)

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    Hey :3

    First pointer, is just be confident, be proud of who you are, and how you look. Guy's tend to be more attracted to be a person with confidence.

    Now to the answer :] -

    1) Pimples - do you constantly touch your face, if so, don't, as peoples hands are dirty, and you basically putting that dirt on your face, which of course will lead to pimples. Never pop them as well, it will leave scars. Personally, I have loads of spots on my face, so my face looks red from them, especially my cheeks (I hate my combination skin, but o' well). Some cures for an oily face is to use lemon, grapefruit, tangerine and orange, it helps treat oily skin without the worry of harsh ingredients coming in contact with the skin. Find an all-natural herbal lotion base and add 3 to 4 drops per ounce of the citrus essential oil of choice to the base (herbal lotion, skin toner, aloe Vera gel, witch hazel). This remedy is best applied in the evening to help prevent oily skin. Wash the face thoroughly every morning with a mild antibacterial soap prior to facial applications.

    You can also scrub your face getting some exfoliation by scrubbing it with products made specifically for oily skin.

    And for the spots, check out this already answered question - - which is stated by 'Mama Bear'. ^^

    2) Excessive Hair - have you tried waxing for your arms and back, and plucking for the girl-stache (every girl has to pluck their upper lip -.- I wish i didn't have to)

    3) Frizzy Hair - have you tried applying oil to your hair, for example moroccan oil is awesome for frizzy hair. Also, you can try leave in conditioner. You should also try Vidal Sassoon - Moisture Repair Hair Texture Treatment. It worked wonders for me, but I need to get a new tub :3

    4) Weight - Only try the healthy method. Please don't crash diet, it is useless.

    Try to spilt your meals to 5 small ones, and make sure to keep a balance. I won't exactly call it a diet, but changing the way you eat completely, you will have to stick to this schedule. Try to exercise at least 1 hour a day e.g. skipping - very good for weight loss, you don't have to skip for 1 hour in a go, and spilt the skipping into groups of about 12, so will try to skip 5 mins straight. (I think I got the math times right :L)

    5) Skin - Why not try a BB cream. I don't mean the crappy ones from boots, which is only a tinted moisturizer. You can try Korean BB creams (they are epicly awesome). The one I advice is using Etude House Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB Cream. It states that it is whitening, anti-wrinkle, and anti-darkening, it also includes spf30 :]

    6) Confidence - as stated above, you really need to be more confident about yourself. Believe in your self more. Don't be shy. And about the nose, nobody's perfect. I have a pig-like nose, and tiny ears, but I'm okay with that. Your flaws will make you who you are. :]

    7) Just be yourself. Thats all I can say :]

    Note - I love anime too, especially one piece, bleach (why did they stop broadcasting it in japan :,(, naruto, hajime no ippo, etc :D Also a K-pop fan :3

    Source(s): Me (I have been through all the things you have been through, apart from excessive hair on my back, though I still have an average hairy back :( The disadvantages of having black hair)
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    Some things you could probably work on right away while others will take time.

    I get the impression you're incredibly self conscious about your skin, and as someone who also has oily skin, I get it. I suggest making an appointment at a dermatologist who can recommend some good acne face wash to help clear up your skin. It may be a little expensive, but it's worth it.

    Also make an appointment to get your lip and chin waxed if you're comfortable with it...I'm Italian so I definitely get my lip and eyebrows waxed 1 a month otherwise I'll also get a girl-stache! If you aren't comfortable or don't have the extra money, buy some Nair and use it...I've done it in extreme situations where I can't get waxed and it's just fine!

    You definitely don't seem overweight; guys do appreciate girls with curves and a little extra padding...maybe not right now you don't see it but it's true.

    You could also look into anti-frizz serums for your hair that you can add after you wash your hair to tame those wild ways! :)

    I think if you take those few small steps to clean up your skin and once you're done with your braces, you'll be much happier with your look.

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    Yes it will be hard for the ugly guy to get laid, where as girls can just throw themselves at any guy if they really want the dick. Girls would not be as happy having no strings attached sex, so I don't think its a very pleasing benefit. I think that the ugly guy has a better chance for love long term because girls are usually more willing to look past the physical. Many other qualities could get you a woman. Examples include: a sense of humor, wealth, charm, sweetness, intelligence, kindness, attention to detail, confidence, confidence, and confidence. Oh wait did i forget to mention confidence? And no one is doomed socially

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    This Site Might Help You.


    I'm really ugly, guys don't like me?

    I have pimples all over my face. they are really noticeable. My face is oily and shiny all the time. I have body hair everywhere. I kinda have sideburns, but not as hairy as a guys. I'm growing a girl-stache, and there's a little hair on my chin. There's hair on my arms and back (a LOT)...

    Source(s): 39 ugly guys don 39 me:
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    you come across as really uptight and panicky if your able to pick out all your flaws in yourself to that extent means your prob have no confidence and over think things so would you like a guy who is like that ? (that is if your not trolling i skimmed through this pretty fast i may have missed some things)

    over thinking things is rarely a good thing to do makes your paranoid ect i personally don't think im good looking yet my girlfriend is i think people pay more attention to personality than believed by others there is not any tips i can give you for becoming "prettier" other than eat healthy and exercise and generally take better care of yourself as far as i now if you don't drink enough water it can mess up your skin also if your young dont worry about appearances i was short and fat when i was 14 now that im 19 im tall and relatively skinny ( usually peoples appearance changes allot growing up especially if they take care of their health)

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    Okay this is gonna seem like alot, and I'm not gonna bother saying ohhh appearance doesn't matter it's the beauty of your soul, because self confidence starts with feeling good about your outer body.

    1. Hair. Hair is a huge factor in looking put together. Tip 1 -DON'T brush your hair after it's dry, it'll frizz it out and damage the ends. Brush it in the shower while you have conditioner in it and use a WIDE TOOTHED comb. It'll reduce the frizz. Use a defrizzer for your hair, I highly reccomend Morrocan oil. It makes your hair shiny and beautiful and all you need to do is run a dab through wet or dry hair. Next, you don't need heat to style it and keep it looking nice. You could french braid it while damp for soft waves, or use the "sock curl" method. Here's a video on how to do it -

    Youtube thumbnail

    2. As for your weight, it is always good to eat healthy and excercise not only for weight loss but just for general wellness. "Exercise" doesn't have to seem like exercise either. You say you like the PS3, try Dance Dance Revolution. The mats are cheap and it doesn't even feel like excercise. I lost 10 lbs doing it.

    3. Skin - I'm not a big supporter of makeup, but I've noticed that the right foundation and just a small amount of blush can light up your appearance and conceal any blemishes. Since your face is oily i'd reccomend using a powder/matte foundation to keep it from being shiny. I use Bare minerals and it's amazing. As for the hair on your face that's very easy, you can purchase facial hair removers at any drugstore. The pimples though....I would very much reccomend going to see a dermatologist. I had horrible skin from ages 10-13 and I took every drug imaginable, none worked. Eventually I decided to go on Accutane which is basically the king of all acne medication. 6 months on that and my skin was clear as it had ever been, however it had lots of side effects like severe drying out of the lips and eyes. To me it was worth it but it varies from person to person. TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR before even thinking of trying Accutane.

    You sound like a truly amazing person, and I think if you start to love yourself inside and out you can truly shine. Good luck to you :)

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    You are a bit overweight... You can loose weight, I say aim for 120 :) get prettier clothes, like jeans and nice tops, no hoodies!!! Trust me clothes always help. Wear eye makeup, if you have big eyes, apply the you can apply the eyeliner on your waterline!! not the eyelid. And do cat eyes with mascara, if you have small eyes then you can just apply mascara and put on a little eyeliner on the top of your lids. Try doing different hairstyles, like tie it up. Most people look better with there hair up, and its something different so people will definatly look at you because there not use to your hair being like that so try a different hairstyle, and use fash wash for the acne, or foundation. Foundation even hides your facial hair :)

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    I have short curly hair for the first time since We was 10 years old and I really like it but I miss my long curly locks so I'm growing it back out!

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    Get a bigger shaver and have your mom shave your back and trip the mustach hair

    and beard also wear mascara foundation and eyeliner and work out more try getting into sports try eating less uhm maybe you should get contacts oh and wear lip gloss also put frizz spray in your hair and straighten it you will look perfect i hope i helped good luck oh one more thing for facewash use neutrogena and clinique then your pimples and oily skin will go away fast

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    You are not fat your bmi is normal and just shave your arms and back and wherever u don't many hair and put your hair in a ponytail but trust me u r not ugly or fat everyone is beautiful what maters is on the inside

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