what was the new adventure time show shown this monday?

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  • 7 years ago
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    The Season 5 Premiere of Adventure Time is a two-part episode continuing where the Season 4 finale left off. Finn and Jake pursued the Lich into the Time Room, an area outside the multiverse, where the Lich wished for the extinction of all life from the Time Room's only inhabitant, Prismo. Finn in response, wish the Lich never existed, but is unaware of the Monkey's Paw Effect, which leads the wish to consequences that wish was never intended to do. In this case, Finn's wish drove him into an altered timeline where Ooo never existed and the Mushroom War was prevented by Simon, at the cost of his life. However, despite this, Finn accidentally triggered the bomb that would eventually wipe out the human race after he wore the Ice King's crown to save his family.

    Meanwhile, Jake remains in the Time Room becoming good friends with Prismo and the Cosmic Owl when he learns of what happened to Finn in the altered timeline. With Prismo's help, Jake used his wish to alter the Lich's wish to send him and Finn back to Ooo, thus trapping the Lich in the Time Room while Finn and Jake are sent to Ooo with the latter being the only being knowing what has happened.

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