Does my boyfriend like my best friend? (10pts PLS HELP!!)?

My boyfriend has been super friendly to my bestfriend. He gave her a nickname funsize and he put his number in her phone. Me and her laugh at it because she wouldn't actually date him. But the other day he liked her new picture on Facebook, I don't find that wierd, but she says it is and he shouldn't like her pictures, so it makes me wonder. The otherday he was talking to my other bestfriend and gave her a nickname too (tallgirl was her nickname), so I think he's just trying to get to know my friends better. But we were walking down the hall & he asked my bestfriend "do you want to buy some candy, funsize" smilling and all when he hadn't talk to me and I was right there too! I just think he's being a little too friendly because he doesn't even talk to me as nicely as he does her or other girls. What do you think? Does he like her or is he just being nice?


We're 16 & my boyfriend is 18

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  • 8 years ago
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    ages would help boys will be boys though

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