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How does Texas plan to proceed to secession not that Rick Perry is against it?

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    7 years ago
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    I don't think even Texas really knows, but those idiots that have voted to secede haven't really thought about what they are going to do without, including:

    --Federal government assistance in any form

    --Disaster area assistance

    --Federal checks, including social security; disability, etc.

    --Electricity, unless paying high fees for importing--unless relying on rubbing two sticks together

    --Vehicles, except high import fees

    --Food, grow their own or experience high import fees

    --Money--have to make their own; probably use rocks as money

    --Income tax returns--None

    --FHA Housing loans--None

    --FEMA disaster assistance--None

    --Clothing--high import fees

    --National Guard assistance--None

    --Forest fire assistance--None

    --Highway repair assistance--None

    --US Mail--Not part of US; pay higher fees for mailing to other countries within the US; develop own system within state

    --Cable--pay higher access fees

    --Phone--pay higher access fees; will be roaming for all calls outside state

    --Unemployment compensation--None from US; only state assisted (meaning hardly none)

    --Medicare, Medicaid--None; develop their own

    --Jail inmates released--must stay in Texas; other states will not allow entry

    --Banks insured--Questionable; pay higher fees to ensure country wide coverage

    --Federal marshals, FBI, TBI, Highway patrol assistance--None; develop your own

    --Travel to the states--obtain a passport and obtain approval or visa before entry (must wait years like any other person from other countries)

    --Defect to the States--no way; send them back

    If they are allowed to secede (which I doubt), they should be refused any US loans, assistance, and not allowed to re-enter the US until after 10 years have passed (to teach them a lesson). If they want to be treated like a country then we will treat them like one--stay out of our United States and stay out of our way of progression!!!!

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  • Chet
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    7 years ago

    It's not a plan or an attempt. All it is is a way for the people to let those in charge know that however many people in Texas are fed up with the over reaching power of the federal government.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    It can't happen, they just need time to whine and cry.

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