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Nexus 4 16GB Google Play question?

Yesterday I luckily ordered the Nexus 4 but today I still see my order pending! Is this normal? Will it stay like that until it gets shipped? This is how it looks :

BY THE WAY : I accidentally ordered 3 devices(oops) so I canceled two of them.

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    I also ordered the Nexus 4. My order still says pending. I think our best bet is to call Google Play at 855-836-3987 if nothing happens by end of today. Some people were getting e-mails that their items were back-ordered. I read online that Google Play said that if you did not get a back-order e-mail by now, it means that you will get a device shipped soon. We will see...

    Update: My order has shipped this morning! Yours should have shipped by now as well.

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