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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsFriends · 7 years ago

Can someone give me some advice to help out a friend of mine?

Ok so my bestfriend is 9 months pregnant and she is in a very complicated relationship. She has been very unhappy her boyfriend soo she has decided to start talking to an ex who seems to be treated her the way she wants to be treated and making her happ he wants to be with her . Her boyfriend seems like hes gonna be a good dad and he will do anything for her but he just mentally tries to control her and she cant take it anymore. so she took it upon herself to call it quits without telling him so he thinks they are together. But the funny part is that there isnt anymore arguing everything is kinda swept under the rug. the only reason why she wont tell him is that she is scared he will stop taking care of his responsibilities as a father and not being able to handle the fact that she doesnt want to be in a relationship with him. bcuz i think a child doesnt make a relationship. she asked me on advice of what she should do. Stay with the father of her child who seems nice but who is really a wolf in sheeps clothing or move on with the ex who she really cares about? i kno this is not all of the details but i didnt want to really get into it like that ..

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  • 7 years ago
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    She has slept with two different guys and now she has a romantic dilemma?

    One guy knocked her up and is now willing to be the father and support her and the child and she wants to start boinking the old BF. Is that about right?

    Where she may wind up is with the old bf that tires of being daddy and leaves her for a less complicated gf. One who is fun with no kids. Then she will be a single mom, searching for love in all the wrong places.

    She chose the guy. She made a baby with him. So now since he is willing to be a father, she should respect that and see where this leads. She sounds very self centered. She needs to change that because she will soon be a mother. She has to give up the single girl mentality of bouncing from guy to guy.

    But she won't listen, will she? She wants what she wants when she wants it. So a year from now there will be no man in her life and the taxpayer will have the privilege to support her child.

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