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What wall color compliments oak wood flooring?

Hello everyone! My wife and I are in the process of purchasing our first home together, and have started to put together a list of the things we'd like to change on the interior. So far, it's mostly minor things such as wall colors. The basement area of the house is being left up to me as it's going to become my own personal man-cave. However, I'm having some trouble deciding what wall & trim colors to use.

As it stands now, the walls and ceiling are both painted white. The flooring and wall trim both look like oak to me. I'll link a picture to part of the room that I'm referring to so that you can get a better idea of what I have to work with.

As I mentioned, I plan to turn this area into my own little den. I happen to be a huge fan of horror movies, and a collector of horror memorabilia. I should also note that the furniture for this room is black. So, I'd like my wall and trim coloring to be something that would fit that theme if at all possible. I was hoping that those of you that are a bit better at this design / decorating thing could give me some suggestions of colors that you think would work well in this room.

Thank you in advance!

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    I love man caves. I really like planning a room for a guy. Since you are a horror fan paint the largest wall deep red. Paint the rest of the walls a neutral taupe - be careful - some taupe will look pink. Get a sample can and test the color before you paint. Paint your ceiling a lighter shade of taupe. Paint all of your wood trim a high gloss black. You will have to strip it first. Frame your posters in simple black frames and hang them on your red wall. You want to group your posters so they become one work of art. Before you start hanging prints make newspaper templates of your framed posters. Tape the templates to the wall. You want 2" - 3" of free space on all sides of each print. Be consistent. The center of the entire grouping should be 60" up from the floor. Keep your spacing uniform. You can even frame the entire grouping with simple molding painted black. To display your memorabilia - if you have a lot install a shelf around the entire perimeter of the room and paint it black. The shelf has to be deep enough to hold your stuff and low enough to give clearance from the ceiling. You can also create corner displays. Lowe's and Home Depot have lots of molding. Create a frame with a miter saw. The frame will be put in the corners. Use shelf hanging strips and hang triangular shelves then frame out with your molding - painted black. Toss red throw pillows on your black furniture. If you or your spouse are crafty you can do fabric transfers of your favorite monsters and make your own pillows. Shop Dollar General, Big Lot's. Fred's for inexpensive lamps. Use red and black lamp shades. Shop flea markets, garage sales and thrift stores for your case goods (tables) . Strip them and paint high gloss black. No matchy matchy. Think outside the box. An old foot locker makes a great coffee table as is or painted black. A stack of old suitcases screwed together and painted black would be a great end table.

    I would love to do your man cave even though I am not a monster fan. Sounds like fun.


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    Grey may appear to make your room cold. To remain neutral without being boring, try a vanilla color that is color enough to contrast with white trim and doors. It will warm up your walls and still remain neutral. You could go with Taupe to be on the cooler side to go with your pinkish tile and that will be neutral, too. I would suggest a paint store that carries wallpaper. Most places like that have a decorator that can help you further.

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    Be creative in this one since you like horror movies and you should have the ideas of spooky houses in ghost movies like spider's web or some spooky picture frames on your walls. You should paint your walls dark colors but not black, like dark green or dark blue. Then you can have some lightings in there but make it more dim so there would be shadows everywhere. I could imagine it like in all ghost movies I've seen. Look online for more horror inspired themes, choose which one would be fit for your preferences.

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