What is your take on assisted suicide?

It's hard because the person is choosing to die they are just getting help to do it. I've heard stories where people get convicted of murder for assisting in it. It's such a sticky issue and I'm not sure what my take is on it. It changes all of the time.


What is the difference between this and taking someone off life support?

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    8 years ago
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    I believe in assisted suicide- my father had a 10 year battle with Parkinson's disease when I was a kid and by the end he was pretty much a vegetable- no quality of life, in a wheelchair, in diapers, couldn't talk- and had dementia. But because he wasn't on life support we had to just sit and wait for several years for him to go. It was awful. I believe my father in sound mind would have much preferred his dignity and rather preferred assisted suicide had it been legal.

    If it were legal, opponents say family members who feel like they are a burden on their family might choose this option as a way for their family not to worry anymore, even if in their heart they really don't want to do it.

    The difference between assisted suicide and taking someone off life support is that assisted suicide is an active agent to take someone's life-- you are giving them a drug so they will die basically. With taking someone off life support- it is a passive act, you are taking something away that is sustaining their life. It is the difference between actively assisting (giving) and passively assisting (taking away).

    Source(s): personal experience & an ethics class in college
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