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I cant remember this japanese girl band ...?

It was 2 girls I think they broke up but they were Japanese one of them smoked a lot and quit and I remember one of their songs said suki suki ..

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    It's the subunit of Morning Musume called W.

    They were known as the "twins" in Morning Musume, and were quite popular so management decided to give them their own project together, Called W.

    Members were Kago Ai, and Tsuji Nozomi.

    Kago Ai was the one with the smoking scandal, She was kicked out of the band, and they decided to have Tsuji Nozomi leave the band with her.

    Since then,

    Tsuji has gotten married and has 2 children (Noa and Seia). (currently pregnant with a third)

    Kago went through a few more scandals, Including a recent Suicide attempt, she is now married with a baby, and she seems happy again. (:

    Kago is never mentioned by members in Hello Project, She was kicked out of the agency and they pretend she doesn't exist. Tsuji is still in contact with the agency and performed in 2011 in Dream Morning Musume (Some of the past members of Morning Musume came together and made a song called Shining Butterfly)

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    Are you conversing approximately Kuroyume? They began with 3 individuals notwithstanding it ended up with purely Kiyoharu and Hitoki. They wore "masculine" outfits, yet Kiyoharu, exceptionally, regarded like a woman at situations. (See "Feminism" lol). Kiyoharu has 2 daughters... Hitoki performed bass however, yet according to possibility you misidentified it? properly, i don't be attentive to how useful it truly is, if in any respect, yet i'm hoping I did!

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    Morning Musume

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    Yes, it's W. They were originally members of Morning Musume. Tsuji is still a largish media personality. Kago is trying to get back into music I think =D

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    Shonen Knife is a three girl band, and they're still around. You can see them on youtube. They've been doing covers of Ramones songs.

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