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Is this normal tortoise behavior? Russian Tortoise?

I have had my tortoise for 2 years. Last year he didn't move much around this time of year either. But lately it seems like he doesn't move at all. I tried to get him to move around today, I took him out of his cage and he wouldn't walk. Now he won't move his head, he will move his limbs though. I dipped his head in his water tank and he moved it. Is this normal behavior for my Russian Tortoise?

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    Yes, they hibernate, sometimes for several months.Put in a box with newspaper shreds and keep it no more than 50 degrees until it starts to emerge from hibernation.. Google "Hibernation Guidelines for Turtles and Tortoises." It is the best reference to get them through the winter.

    Source(s): Robert Price, Ph.d, Herpetology Hibernation Guidelines For Turtles and Tortoises.
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