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Movies that have the word "Dark" or "Darkness" in the title?

Can you name movies that have the word "dark" or "darkness" in the title?

11 Answers

  • 8 years ago

    Edge of Darkness

    Army of Darkness

    The Dark Knight

    3 Days of Darkness

    7 Nights of Darkness

    A Brush of Darkness

    A Certain Darkness

    A Dance Against Darkness

    A Darkness Swallowed

    A Date With Darkness

    After Darkness

    12 Before Dark

    5 Dark Souls

    A Cradle in the Dark

    A Dark Day's Night

    I could go on and on...

  • 8 years ago

    The Dark Crystal

    The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight Rises

    Dark Shadows

    Dark Star


    A Shot in the Dark

    Coming in 2013:

    Star Trek into Darkness


  • 8 years ago

    Dark Water

    Dark Shadows

    The Dark Knight

    Darkness Falls

    Alone in the Dark

    Heart of Darkness

  • 8 years ago

    The Ghost and the Darkness

    Army of Darkness

    Dark Angel: The Ascent

    The Dark Backwards

    Dark Star

    Prince of Darkness

    Beyond the Darkness

    Dark Fields

    Dark City

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Thor Into the Darkness

    Star Trek Into the Darkness

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I watched Dark shadows yesterday

  • Jsjoh
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    8 years ago

    Batman:The dark knight rises

    Dont be afraid of the dark

    ...That's all i can think of

  • 8 years ago

    Batman-the dark knight

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Butt Busters Ghost Busters Mr. Buttcock Mr. Woodcock Into the Butt Into the Wild

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    For the best answers, search on this site

    Now I've stopped laughing, I can try and type........ The Phantom of the Butt (Opera) Mrs Butt (Doubtfire) When Harry met Butt (Sally)

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