Why don't people like station wagons?

Now I'm not trying to bash any car type here but I just wanted to know why station wagons have died. Now I know many people are going to say, the SUV has replaced the wagon but in my opinion, they are 2 totally different vehicles. In my Mercedes E Wagon, I was just driving down the road and suddenly a jeep went through his red light as I was going over the intersection at around 60 mph and he would have hit me if I kept my course but I then touched the wheel to the right and my car just swerved right around him beautifully! I just kept going and it was like nothing happened and I had to cross over 2 lanes to avoid him and it all happened in in 1 second or so. Another time, I rented a ford explorer from the airport and I was in a tunnel, just driving along at 50 mph and another car started to cut in front of me (I must have been in his blind spot) but I swerved and the da*n thing almost rolled over!! I ended up scraping it against the tunnel wall and this thing just slid all over the place. So what I'm trying to say is, SUVs are so unstable! Every Time I see a car accident on TV or in person, the SUV involved is always upside down or on it's side while the other sedan just has a dent but is right side up. So in my opinions, Sedans and Wagons are built on the same chasis while SUVS are built on a truck chasis. Before I bought my E, I test drove the M class just to see what it was like, when I took it out, I noticed it was sluggish but not that big of a deal until I noticed the car rocked a lot and had awful ride. The only advantage was the better view but that just makes it worse for the sedan and wagon drivers around town and weren't SUV's meant for off road driving? Why are there people driving it on the smooth, perfect, road? What's the advantage with the height? View? But safety is gambled, handling is gambled mileage is horrible in some of them (not all). I think people hate wagons just for the "cool" aspect, even though it could save your life one day. Now, I know some SUV's are not bad but most of the ones I see are. Not trying to bash the SUV but what is the advantage of the SUV other than view?

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  • 8 years ago
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    It's mostly about the self-image of young parents. Station wagons and minivans are the most practical vehicles for people with kids--but they aren't cool. Along the way, station wagons became a symbol of adulthood, but not all the good stuff of adulthood like taking care of yourself, raising a family, making a better life, and all the stuff that growing up and having kids really is. They see it as the end of funhood--these parents don't want childhood-to party down like prom night all the time, but they don't want to think that they turned into their parents and aren't any fun anymore. The minivan was invented by people who were either too cool for a station wagon or had too many kids to be comfortable in one. After enough people had bought cargo vans and "converted" them with upholstery and extra seating, the car companies caught on and started making minivans to carry around families. Then the new familymobile was the minivan, and they lost their cool and people started buying SUV's. (Then they didn't like the way SUVs were on a truck chassis, so some of them started being made on car chassis--becoming a minivan of unusual shape that can't off-road but still cost more than a minivan.)

    There are still a lot of hatchbacks that are practically station wagons, but the designers always watch that the shape isn't too boxy--nobody minds the storage space, but the car has to be cool or they won't buy it.

  • 8 years ago

    I believe the SUV is a phase that is meant for show. If you look at some of the newer SUV models, they are starting to look more like a station wagon. I think the old models were more about being spacious and the ability to give the driver a sense of power(false as it may be). I often wondered too why station wagons are no longer popular. They are a much safer Vehicle to drive.

  • 8 years ago

    They ugly of course lol.

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