What's the percentage of Americans who actually voted in the 2012 presidential election?

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I was wondering the percentage of Americans who voted in the presidential election in 2012- I know American has 312 million people living in it- and lets take out 100 million to make ...show more
Update : thanx geeble , looks like its a little under half, needless to say, i did ...show more
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here are the recent trends however they do not yet have 2012 results up yet.

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thnx geeble, I guess well have to wait to see how many votes barack won by?
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  • ? answered 1 year ago
    How many aren't old enough to vote?
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  • andy answered 1 year ago
    Have not seen the numbers for the Nation, but Ohio had about a 71% turn out among registered voters. I would say that this should be on the high side of average. Some States like New York, California, etc would see lower turn outs since if you are Conservative your vote really doesn't count especially where you live. Just like those in Texas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska would have a lower turn out among liberals.
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  • Vehan80107 answered 1 year ago
    I voted even thought my vote was "wasted" on Gary Johnson.
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