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舒涵 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 8 years ago



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    Welcome to the Knick's kid reporters where we always get the inside scoop from the Knicks.

    Here we are at Knick's Bowl 13, Let's go talk to the Knicks, Come on!!!

    Can you call in sick from school from Linsanity?

    I'm pretty sure you can!!

    Yeah, you definitely can, but I wouldn't do it. You know uh... He's a Harvard Grad. I don't think he missed too many days of school.

    Next time you go to school, Sorry, can't do it, too much 17 in my system.

    Okay!!! do you like the way Jeremy Lin wears his hair?

    Ah, hahahaha, It's pretty cool, it's different, you know, it's very unique.

    Got to get him a new hair style, Don't tell him I said that all right?


    I think Jeremy's hair would be a lot better if it looks like yours.

    Do you like the way you wear your hair?

    Um.... I'm just trying to be like him. you know, I'm gonna have to work on it you know? cut it down a little bit over here and get the top a little more spiky.

    What's your favorite Lin pun?

    I love Linsanity, Linsane,


    Super Lintendo and all I do is Lin Lin Lin....

    Super Lintendo,

    Super Lintendo, that's our favorite.

    Super Lintendo, Saga Genesis, when I was dead broke, man!!! I couldn't picture this.

    What are some symptoms for Linsanity?

    You cheer a lot, you're very excited, jump around a lot, it's contagious.

    Is there a cure?

    We haven't found one yet, but uh.. we have some scientists studying hard right now, and hopefully they don't find it.

    That's it from Knick's bowl 13, see you next time on the Knick's kid reporters.


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